Sheard Photography was created by Kim Sheard as a base for her creativity and to complement her work as an actress. Her background is in theatre, film, and dance, which makes her an ideal photographer for the many different kinds of images required in those fields. The discipline and work ethic she developed through her training, she now also chanels into her photography.

Since starting Sheard Photography, Kim has worked with many outstanding actors and performers to produce headshots and production stills. Her photos have been used in Spotlight, for Equity productions, by actors on IMDB and students from colleges and NCDT courses, and have also appeared in Now Magazine.

What People Have Said:

“I have nothing but positive comments for Kim Sheard. She has a creative eye and she views her photography as an extension to her talent and knowledge of the arts, which is clearly portrayed in her work and reflects her kind, patient, confident persona.” –LH

“Thank you so much again…the photos are great. The wonders of digital take away my wrinkles!” – LB

“Kim is both encouraging and confident as a photographer. She makes you feel at ease and manages to capture the most spontaneous of moments.” – TG

“These are brill. Will buy you several large drinks when you come to the show. Have had an email from Now Magazine wanting the other shots...! ” – JS
Headshot by Nick James Photography